Claiming Hearts for Christ - Shirley Johnson * Missionary * Kisumu Kenya
Learning is easier on a full stomach!
Greetings from 
in Kisumu, Kenya.  
The days have been so kind to us here in the heart of Africa and we rejoice in wonderful news.
 November 2014...Winter is coming on and monthly expenses are going up. We are asking God to continue to provide our Ministries' needs. These precious children...pretty much says it all. If we help to raise them right they will return to God, even if they stray.  MRSJ
     Latest Update-
Our graduate students are now qualified to attend High School!!! 
                    This is both an honor for our school and                                    a  tremendous opportunity for our students.
  We are truly thankful for Gods' blessings and all our faithful supporters. Mrs J

                          Please send all donations to 

                                     Shirley Johnson
                                                C/O BBFI Missions Office
                                                720 E. Kearney St
                                                Springfield, MO    
                                                PO Box 191  
                                                 Springfield, MO


  • Our school *after all testing in the province was completed and final scores had been tallied*was announcd as being top of the list of more than 280 schools (private and public) in both English and Swahili  !
  • It was a joyful day and parents as well as teachers beamed when  each  class received their rewards and were graduated to the next level! 
  • Many improvements have been made to our Hillview campus: new classrooms have been built and added to accomodate 50 pupils. 
  • Tables and chairs were built to the size specifications of each class.
  • New teachers  were added to our faculty.
  • City water is now pumped into our facilty daily.  One learns in Africa not to take anything for granted !  No more rationing of cups of water.
  • And the best is for last:   The entire land area needed for HILLVIEW has  been purchased.

We are thankful and appreciate all the kindness you have showered on Hillview, the teachers and our kids.  Please  keep us in your prayers  for  safety and good health.

 Anakubariki sana (May God richly bless you),continue.
God bless you today and everyday !
Mrsj, Teachers and  Kids.